Bastille plays new song "Hangin'"

Bastille’s New Song “Hangin'” Portends a Very Pleasant New Album

As soon as I got home from seeing Bastille live for the second time in as many years, I sat down to upload this new song – “Hangin'” – to YouTube. If this song, as well as the other two new selections they played, are a sign of what’s to come from Dan Smith & Co., then we’ll all enjoy their 2016 album very much.

(A friend asked how I’d avoid getting in trouble for uploading the song. I told her what Smith told the audience right before they sang this one: “If you feel like uploading our music to YouTube, please do.”)

Incidentally, Bastille’s shows are simultaneously high-energy and very-comfortable affairs, and I’ve had a good time on both occasions that I’ve happened to see them. But for me the showstopper tonight was Provo’s own RKDN, who will soon release an LP under the Mono Label (UMG) banner. As I tweeted from my band Ennemis‘ Twitter:

That’s a pot of honey. As in so sweet and delicious it’s irresistible.

Ok, here’s the video of “Hangin'”, a song to appear on Bastille’s new album in 2016. I tried sweetening the audio a bit, because it was taken on my phone. 😬 Enjoy.


Passion Pit Release “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”

Passion Pit have a new album, Kindred, due out on April 21. They’ve shared a couple tracks from the album now, and a new one landed today over at NPR Music.

Judging from the tracks, 2015 finds Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos feeling a lot like Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler: nostalgic about childhood and full of ambivalence and misgivings.

You’ve probably heard “Lifted Up (1985)” here and there around town. If not, check it out along with the less-dancey “Where the Sky Hangs” below. “Where the Sky Hangs” is more like adorable, animated cover art than a music video.

Be careful with “Lifted Up (1985)” though — the video description warns viewers with epilepsy that it can cause seizures.