The Moth & the Flame, a Los Angeles-based band with origins in Provo, Utah.

A Band About to Hit Big: Listen to The Moth & the Flame’s Debut Single

LA-based buzz band with ties to Imagine Dragons and Atoms for Peace absolutely nails their first track recorded on Elektra.

I’ve been all hopped up on The Moth & the Flame‘s music for a while, mostly because they’re a fantastic band but also because they originated right here in Provo, UT.

You’ve heard of at least one more band that started in Provo: Imagine Dragons. And guess which band’s drummer was a founding member of Imagine Dragons? You got it: Andrew Tolman, of The Moth & the Flame.

Now I think you’re about to start hearing a lot of them too.

The band signed with Elektra Records, and their debut release on that label could drop as soon as this year. Their independent previous release, an EP called “&”, was produced by Atoms for Peace drummer Joey Waronker, and apparently some big guns have been brought in to produce this album as well.

If the rest of their coming full-length is as good as their debut single, our ears are in for some very pleasant times indeed.

Listen to “Young & Unafraid” here, and watch the video for “Sorry” below. Download “Young & Unafraid” from Amazon
or iTunes.

Top photo courtesy of Atlantic Records
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