Helmets of the Daft Punk robots after they send a message to Nile Rodgers of disco legends Chic.

Daft Punk Send a Message into Space for Nile Rodgers

In case you’re wondering if Daft Punk‘s valentine to early dance music was limited to the tracks on Random Access Memories: it isn’t.

In this short video, which is part of a larger documentary available at Arte, the duo’s instantly recognizable robot personas send a heartfelt message into space — but weirdly directed at Nile Rodgers, who I’m pretty sure is still walking this planet.

Rodgers’ disco project, CHIC, just released a new single on the spring equinox because karma, man. It’s actually an amazing track, totally worth a listen down below if you’ve got Spotify. This summer, Chic will release their first album since 1992.

Here’s the Daft Punk transmission. Chic’s latest single is posted below that.