Betablock3r Out of Touch

Betablock3r Just Made Fresh, Fresh Music from Old, Old Sounds

Tonight, late, I had to wash a whole sink full of dishes, and I knew the only way I’d be able to make it through was if I found something super nice to make my cochleae tremble.

I pointed my browser toward a favorite go-to for new tunes, and heard some tracks that were very acceptable. One of them, an Alessia Cara track (remember Alessia Cara?), impressed me so much that I raised my eyebrows and let my lips pucker into a smile. One of them even made me dance a bit.

But next, out of the silent aether, subtly, washed over me a series of tones like I’d never before experienced. Or had I? It was disorienting: the sounds themselves were familiar, but put together in a way that thrilled me, as if this was the first time I’d heard them. It was like feeling the hand of a long-time lover take mine, but rather than the simple comfort of familiarity, the thrill and tingle of nerves that suddenly remember what pleasure I’m meant to always have in that touch.

I had the feeling that we’re gonna hear a lot more from this group.

So I thought you’d like to hear it too. I might feature it in an episode of my band Ennemis‘ new podcast. (We’re recording the first episode tomorrow.)

Without further ado, here’s LA’s Betablock3r, doing “Out of Touch”. Enjoy: