Screenshot of Alessia Cara's video for "Here" on YouTube

If You’re Between 20 & 35, Alessia Cara’s “Here” Is How You Feel Right Now

This is a debut release, a brand new track from Alessia Cara. And if she wrote the song herself we could be in for big things from her.

The song is ostensibly about not feeling like you fit in at a party. Something we’ve all felt, I’m sure. But its flowing too-familiar 21st century images, collaged together at times like modern-day McCartney lyrics, give the impression that it’s not about a single night but an entire cultural milieu – every night this whole generation seems to have gone through. The aggressively forward guys, the overly chatty girls, all burying their lack of confidence. The self-centeredness. The clouds of pot smoke. The vomit.

And still: the fear of missing out, magnified by Instagram and Snapchat, drives the herds to wherever they think they’ll be surrounded by people they think they have to know. And in the end, the fun isn’t enough. We’re tired, this whole party sucks. All anybody really wants is to go home and get themselves something real.

Cara is so new, her branding so undeveloped, that I don’t know if she’s officially going by her full name, or just Alessia — or by her username “alealeluia” on YouTube, where her lo-fi channel is apparently what got her noticed and eventually signed by Def Jam. Whatever her name, if she’s got her finger this firmly on the pulse of how her generation is feeling, she’s going to be worth listening to more in the coming months.

Hear Alessia Cara’s “Here” below.