Still image from the "Big Girls Cry" music video by Sia, featuring dancer Maddie Ziegler

Missed Connections: Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” Won’t Let Your Eyes Go

Somehow, I missed the release of Sia‘s latest music video. By a week. This one is for “Big Girls Cry”, from the exceptional album 1000 Forms of Fear.

Don’t worry, I’m posting it now.

Like the Australian singer’s previous two videos, “Big Girls Cry” features child dancer Maddie Ziegler performing choreography that is at once disturbing, deeply moving, and spellbinding. Though simpler, this video may be more disturbing than the videos for “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” (also featuring Shia LaBoeuf).

I’d like to hear what you think — be sure to leave a comment below, and follow the blog for more great music (including some of my own, soon.)

“Big Girls Cry”:


“Elastic Heart”:


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