Rock band Hanson dressed as The Blues Brothers and Ray Charles in their video for "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"

Missed Connections: Is That the Blues Brothers? No, That’s Hanson.

(And the dude with the tambourine is Weird Al Yankovic.)

Earlier this week I was passing a TV at the gym, when I spotted the iconic Ray Charles scene from the original 1980 Blues Brothers movie. If you’ve seen the movie — and you need to see it — then you know how enriching this sequence is to the soul.

Awesome, I thought, and I stopped to watch for a minute.

Except when they cut to Ray Charles, it wasn’t Ray Charles. It was some white dude:

A member of the band Hanson dressed as Ray Charles in the movie The Blues Brothers.

I would have been mad, except I realized I was witnessing a shot-for-shot remake of the Ray Charles scene! Somehow whoever had put this together, had crafted it so well that at first I couldn’t tell the difference. The camera angles, the dance moves — even that adorable shot of the little girl near the end.

So who did it? The band’s name was written right there on the screen for me to see:


The MMMBop 90s version of the Osmonds had come back from the dead not as zombies, but as Jake, Elwood, and Ray. Even stranger: I hadn’t heard about it till FIVE YEARS after the video’s 2010 release date. And stranger yet, the song itself is super well done.

So, here’s to a wonderful missed connection, finally made half a decade later. Take a look at the two scenes for yourself. I’ve included the original video in case you haven’t seen it.


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