Still Image of Libbie Linton in Picture Frame and Spencer Harrison Reading a Large Book

Mideau’s “Maude”: The Most Beautiful Video I’ve Seen This Year

The duo Mideau makes beautifully crafted, contemplative music worth returning to time and time again. And the new video for their “Maude”, directed by Matt Eastin, is a perfect visual pairing for their sound.

The video premiered today on Noisey.

Mideau is made up of Spencer J. Harrison and Libbie Linton, two Utah natives. If they look familiar to Utah folks, they should: Spencer has played bass for Fictionist, and Libbie has been writing and recording excellent solo work for years.

The band recorded their album, produced by Nate Pyfer, thanks to a successful 2012 Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s the video. If nothing else, start watching at 2:00. (But really, you’ll want to watch the whole thing.)


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