Garth Brooks reacts to Justin Timberlake on stage in Nashville

Stop What You’re Doing. Watch Justin Timberlake Sing “Friends in Low Places” with Garth Brooks

I was just doing some research and happened across a real gem. I don’t care if you don’t like Timberlake, or Garth, or country, or the human race. This is two great entertainers owning the stage, and a crowd any musician would die to have. Wish I could’ve been there.

In case you’re the sensitive-ears type: there’s an F-word. Because Justin Timberlake in Nashville.

(Bless you, Diane Watkins, for that recording.)


47 thoughts on “Stop What You’re Doing. Watch Justin Timberlake Sing “Friends in Low Places” with Garth Brooks

  1. I’m not a Justin Timberlake fan at all, but not too shabby! Would’ve never have thought of putting him on stage with Garth Brooks. Pleasantly surprised!!! Do it again! Only team Garth up with someone like Tony Bennett! Do some of Garth’s ballads!

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      • I always thought that about JT. He loves what he does. In a generation with a lot of lackluster talent and lost musical ability It it nice to see someone like JT and what he has become. Sure has come along way. He is one of the only youngsters I like and who has actual talent. He generally loves to perform and seems likeable towards his fans. Nice also to see Garth dressed up for the occasion. Hahah! good job boys!

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  2. Oh my goodness that was awesome and gave me chills. To amazing talants on the same stage! Thank you Diane Watkins for capturing an historical moment and sharing!!


  3. What I find really interesting about this article is that I posted this exact same video expressing pretty much this same opinion on my Facebook page not 2 days ago!


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  5. seriously……almost 51 years old been to like 100 shows …saw garth brooks like 15 years ago and this was maybe the most amazing thing ive seen ….. wow what a moment!!!! made my day ..week …..month for sure …i hate counrty music too….lol


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  7. Garth Brooks and Justin Timerlake together who could ask for a better combination. One of my favorite Garth songs. Sounds fantastic. What I would have given to see them together.


  8. Reblogged this on dolly1974 and commented:
    I remember I was 16 when this song first came out. No idea who Garth was. No idea this wasn’t a slow song. Went to the Circle K, which was a country family bar, over in Indiana one Saturday night with my friend Junie. I remember beginning to dance to this song with Mo, a guy around my age. Slow dancing, since that’s how the song starts out. Ended up dirty dancing to that song. Every time I hear this song, that’s the memory I have.


  9. I was there at that concert in Nashville 12/19/14. It was awesome! The room exploded when Garth came out. Something I’ll never forget. Thanks for posting this video…I hadn’t found one of the whole thing before.


  10. I wonder how many people are going to thank JT for giving a no name artist like ( what was his name again) Garth Brooks a shot like that…


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